New Horizons

Chapter 1.1
Fresh Faces

Angel, Mum and Stripes were introduced to each other for the first time at Club Exigence in the Terminal district. Dr. Watson, a corp Johnson, hired them for a run against Devereaux Labs. The job was to kidnap the VP of DevLabs and ostensibly hold him for ransom, but covertly their job is to get his network passwords so Watson’s associates can retrieve certain unnamed data files. The party accepted the run and was paid 10,000¥ up front with the same promised upon completion.

The following happened:

  1. The party staked out Driscoli’s home address
  2. May and Kats went to a street bike race
  3. Quarean investigated a u-stor-it warehouse in the Pit
  4. Kats placed 2nd
  5. May met Hellion and Dragonut
  6. The party reconvened Monday morning and followed Driscoli to work

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