It Began…

With An Earth-Shattering Kaboom

It began with a great explosion in Central Park. Measuring easily as powerful as the bombs that hit Hiroshima during WWII, the island of Manhattan was populated within a matter of weeks — people either evacuating or suffering greatly from the effects of corrupting Wyrm radiation. The Shattering and its cataclysmic effects left one out of every three people living on the island dead and a great gaping hole where one of the largest urban parks in the world had been. New York never recovered completely and the island was declared a disaster area for almost a decade. Meanwhile the economy of the entire world collapsed into a deep depression, economies around the world shrinking back years or even decades of growth. Looking for a scapegoat, the world blamed terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism for its new woes. The engines of war fired up and World War III began.

The Unnamed Invasion

Even as the world went to war, a new threat was brewing from within the ashes of Central Park. A nephandic mage known only as The Nameless One harnessed the souls of the many dead and used forbidden magics to rend the Astral Veil and open a portal to a place known only as the Howling Darkness. The portal he opened became known as the Howling Maw. A great and terrible storm sprang up around the Maw, and from this sprang forth horrors the likes of which had never been seen except in nightmares. Worse yet than the devastation wrought by the Unnamed, a contagion known colloquially as the Howling Madness spread across the world ultimately killing one in ten.

The Rise of New Mistridge

Even as the madness wrought by the Maw consumed the minds of the populace a supernatural malaise overtook the assembled


New Horizons Evangielis